"The inspiration in the room is the room"

#EdBlogNZ Challenge WK 1
2. Write about some legendary bloggers, educators, inspiring leaders that help you to dream bigger?

DG: 1 Coffee 1 Blogpost
I’m currently staying with family in Auckland NZ & running out of roasted Wellington coffee!
During 2015 the following people and spaces have inspired me to think, act and do things differently. To critically reimagine education, schooling and my own teaching practice. 
It is with thanks to so many NZ educators, the teams at Edge Work — Educational Futures Network, @Welly_ED and @ridgwayschool that I have been able to explore what 'doing different' might look and feel like. 
The inspiration is always in the room!

Esko Kilpi @EskoKilpi

Jennifer Garvey Berger @jgberger

Keri Facer @Kerileef

Naomi Klein @NaomiAKlein
Seriously disrupting for me as a classroom teacher.

Riel Miller @RielM

Stockholm Resilience Centre  @sthlmresilience
Web Site: http://www.stockholmresilience.org 
What is resilience?

CYNEFIN Framework

#EdBlogNZ Challenge WK 1 
Think about your teaching practice. How has it evolved over time? What are you currently working on developing in your practice? What tools have you used during this inquiry time? Blog about it!

DG: 1 Coffee 1 Blogpost

I’m currently working with what does it mean to teach for complexity.

As a mental model I am using the CYNEFIN framework.


The CYNEVIN framework offers me an explicit ability, with others, to oscillate between teaching and learning in certain and uncertain spaces.

An example is, whilst teaching mathematics in the complicated / Good Practice space (Based on the idea it is not only what we know,  but what we can do with what we know) I am able to explicitly nudge the teaching into an Emergent Unknown space. Which is called the Complex space. The tricky thing for me is to sense how long students can be within the Emergent Unknown space.
When teaching, I hold the complicated / certain space and complex / uncertain spaces lightly.

The challenge is to keep these spaces in balance.

Karakia as lived experience

We come together with aroha We value and acknowledge Our diverse heritage and the places we come from The integrity we b...