Disruption Maybe Bitter...

Adjective: Bitter
Verb: Bittering...
Noun: Bitt...

"Bitter is a subdued edge, an acquired taste ....." Kinfolk Magazine @kinfolkmag

I am inspired by a new recipe book titled 
BITTER A Taste of The Worlds Most Dangerous Flavor, with Recipes 
by Jennifer McLagan @JenniferMcLagan

As an educator who knows the future of education is about disruption and disobedient thinking the title if nothing else grabbed me. I heard my self ask, How dangerous?

Like so many educators I am looking and listening to sense how to create and navigate towards nudging the conditions that grow an ability to...
(as articulated by AUT Edge Work — Educational Futures Network)

  • Think differently
  • Act deliberately
  • Engage with others differently

  • Is it possible thats that bitter is the ingredient where conditions from which change in eduction and school might occur? 

    Bitter is considered to be on the edge of our taste capacity.  Many of us are comfortable with Bitter's polarity, 'Sweet'. McLagan suggest's that the ability to engage with the taste of Bitter comes with practise.

    Further to this...

    McLagan considers it is hearing that influences our perceptions.

    1. Background noise - this alters behaviours
    2. The sounds before we eat - the plates and utensils
    3. The bubbling and hissing of food cooking
    4, When food is consumed it makes a noise inside our head.

    These things set up our eating and drinking expectations.

    Did you know the word 'Crisp" sells more meals than any other adjective?

    The relationship I'm particularly interested in is...
    The polarity of Bitter and Sweet. I have experienced that polarities are not consistently useful to me.
    I'm interested in the space between bitter and sweet.

    As articulated by  AUT Edge Work — Educational Futures Network

    "It's in the spaces between the people, between people and ideas, and ideas and other ideas that creativity and new knowledge lie."

    Questions I am wondering about...

    1. Is my classroom crisp?

    2. What expectations play out based on the sounds produced in the teaching / learning environment?

    3. To what extent are conversations around school based around maintaining a sweet palette?

    4. So where are the bitter and sweet conversations happening in schooling and education?

    5. Has there ever been a deliberate conversation about teaching and learning where 'Bitter' has taken the lead?

    6. What aspects of my teaching inquiry can engage with 'bitter' elements? What would these look like?

    I read educator blogs...
    Emma Winder  Emma's Blog
    Claire Amos Claire's Blog
    Karen Melhuishspencer Karen's Blog
    Chris Clay Chris's Blog

    I'm excited, I hear a bubbling & popping where my expectations for change and disruption start to rise. Smells of change are in the air. If enough of us go on a slow bitter/sweet cook. Change may happen. Maybe the expectations are being set.

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