When we are in our element - our sense of time changes

I think about improvements in my own teaching and learning on Sundays. 

In my family Sunday is thoughtful and considered. Sunday is a day to be quietly enjoyed. Sometimes alone, sometimes with family and friends.
Friends and family sitting around the table sharing Sunday roast. 

I have noticed, and why it has taken me so long to notice, is beyond me. 
On Sundays, when I'm cooking, this is the time I think about education and schooling.

Sunday sets the conditions for me to think and reflect.
I'm not rushed. I'm not in a heightened state of what some times feels like eye blistering efficiency. 

I have noticed I anticipate Sundays. Slow Sundays.
Where slow thinking about schooling and education has become a life long joy.

On Sundays I'm in my zone.

I'm reminded of Ken Robinson's talk on Passion.

He talks about how we spend much of our life getting through. 
An increasing  sense of intolerance for the everyday. 
A culture of waiting for the weekend...

When we are in our element - our sense of time changes. 

Ken Robinson talking about passion

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