A playful approach to language: WordWanderer

Word Wanderer...
I've been playing around with word wanderer for a while now. I'm particularly keen to play with it in relation to Game Design. I am thinking that Word Wanderer has the capacity to assist us to see ideas from multiple perspectives. To focus on a process not on an end point. Inviting us to play a little with interlocking meanings and associations. 
I'm wondering if by using word wanderer to look at Game Design this may assist us to see Game Design from different perspectives and set the conditions for enjoying uncertainty.
"The intent behind the WordWanderer is to develop a more playful approach to language that can be characterized by the notion of wandering as an open-ended movement."
Marian Dörk and Dawn Knight

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The text I used for the WordWanderer examples below were taken from 

What do you notice about your self when engaging with WordWanderer?
What text did you use?
Why did you use that text?

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