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#EdBlogNZ Challenge WK 2

3. If at Ulearn - Find 2 bloggers you admire, shake their hand and take a selfie with them to post on your blog. If you’re feeling really generous buy them a coffee! Write about it too!

I walked into Permission 2 Play.
I registered, turned around and hey -  three bloggers almost standing in a row!
Bloggers who inspire me...
Rachel Bolstad @shiftingthinkng
Rachel is my thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking and thinking about gaming chum. It’s all about the game, it’s all about the play, it’s all about the rethinking of the teaching and learning landscape.
Marianne Malmstrom @knowclue
Marianne dives in and out of tweets that I’m super inspired and excited about. Conversations that inspire me seriously influence my next action. Marianne is about action and making the learning humm. So as you might imagine I’m so there.
x-ray bex @paradisecreated
Becs is like my Welly Y 7 / 8 Bestie. We really cook up a storm when we are within wifi reach and face to face don’t get me started. Becs is one stunning educator. Two words to describe Becs. Grit and Style!

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