Simple Habits for Complex Times

Written by  Jennifer Garvey Berger and Keith Johnston

I have mentioned this book previously on this blog. 

I'm going to re read this book over the next couple of months. I'm going to do a slow read. The kind of read where you really sit with the flavours and wait in between chapters. I'm hoping to notice a deeper flavour.

I'm finding my self rethinking  the importance of asking different questions and the role different questions play in shaping feed back. I'm thinking this is more potent that I first thought. 

I am wondering how the ideas in this book can inform my teaching Inquiry during 2016. At first glance things like 'teaching Inquiries'  are treated as complicated. Almost as if they were a puzzle that with the right amount of knowledge and skills we will be able to solve. However, my thinking has shifted. Teaching Inquiries are complex. 

Over the next few weeks, as I re read,  I will add my thinking to this blog post.

See link below:

Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger and Dr Keith Johnston - Simple Habits for Complex Times

Chapter 1 - Leading the possible

Chapter 2 - Engage with complexity, but keep it simple

Chapter 3 - Say What you Think, Listen to the Ways You Might Be Wrong 
The title of this chapter in itself is a reason to read this book!

Chapter 4 - 

Chapter 5 - 

Chapter 6 - 

Chapter 7 - 

Chapter 8 -

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