Dishwasher as Pedagogy?

 Does your staffroom have a notice similar to the one below?


Is your staffroom bench filled with dishes?
Do you find other teacher's empty coffee cups in your classroom?
Do senior students walk around the school at the end of a week / school term and collect up empty coffee cups?
Are the dishes often left and done by our office administrators?

Yes to any of the above questions?

Then I'm wondering....
We talk about the importance of well being, building school culture and being culturally responsive. We prioritise energy for professional development on this thing called 21st C  pedagogies. We talk, plan develop around the importance of the Key Competencies - a capabilities curriculum to prepare for the future of work and  know in our hearts that our values and beliefs do transfer to our students and colleagues.

So, here's the gritty bit...
Why are we not cleaning up after ourselves?
Why are we leaving our cups on the bench?
What assumptions about the world underpin our actions?
Is the framing of this issue compatible with the way we see the world?
How can we work with others to shape and re shape this issue?
How does this issue shape and reshape us?
What is gained if all teachers sorted their dishes?
What is lost if all teachers sorted their dishes?

What if... tomorrow every teacher in New Zealand put their coffee cup in the dishwasher? . We know the future requires us to focus on human capabilities. That capability starts in the kitchen.

Two days ago, our year three student teachers were preparing for their final practicum. I said, your values and beliefs tell your story - know how to load and unload the staff room dishwasher. I am less interested in all your fancy pedagogies if you do not understand what it means to be human in community with others.

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