Guggenheim the metaphor...

A metaphor for education and schooling?

Could the Guggenheim be a verb? 

If the arts have a form of energy, couldn't knowledge and the building of knowledge within the classroom contain energy? 

I wonder if I will ever be able to say.. 
" My classroom is like the Guggenheim?"

a collaborative space
complex ideas emerging as simple
connected networks
capable of innovation
creates some thing new within a space
some times achieving the unthinkable

I know that when learning is personalised all student generated inquiry becomes infectious and thus connections in learning may deepen. I am excited just thinking about this.  The energy that is generated in learning. Imagine if my principal was to visit my classroom next week and suggest there was an excessive amount of learning energy and that the surge  was unsettling that rest of the school.

My first steps towards achieving the metaphor Guggenheim: 

1. Step confidently into digital learning spaces
2. Always ask, what is the learning connecting to and what is being built/created as a result?

What is the metaphor that best describes your classroom or learning space?

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