Future building not Future proofing - Keri Facer

I'm Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol where my work is broadly concerned with creating new relationships between universities, schools and wider society (or between formal education and informal/community learning).

"... we are using technology to reinforce 19th century education."

"..we are using technologly that changes who we are."

" How do we live responsibly, critically and ethically with the

 technologies we have available?"

Future Building, for me it is linked with the ability to build relationships, make connections and contribute to the building of knowledge. Its about the group, the network.

 David Weinberger                             Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert considers social media needs to move away from neo liberal politics of the individual. I hear David Weinberger's cheers from the side lines all the way to New Zealand!

 Future proofing, makes me ask myself... 

Am I contributing to the future proofing of education?

Am I contributing to the future building of education?

How am I using technology in the classroom to assist in the building of knowledge?

How am I using social media in the classroom to build relationships?

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