What does Risk look like?

Bringing bits of bits together to create and innovate

Tony Wagner in his book Creating Innovators asks:

 How do young innovators learn that it is okay to take risks and even fail?

"The most innovative companies embrace failure as part of the process. But it is the rare college class that genuinely encourages students to take intellectual risks, and which encourages learning from — rather than penalizing — failure." Wagner

What does risk look like in teaching and learning?
A: When your unsure of what the learning outcomes will be.
A: Turning up to class knowing you are not the giver of all knowledge.
A: That the students possibly know alot more then you do about technology.
A: Having a go at measuring a change in student thinking.
A: Setting up a Minecraft Math Class World and asking students to collaborate within the world and create structures which reflect their current maths knowledge. 

 Would 21st Century Education ask for a 3 STEP method to engage safely with risk?
A: There would be an attempt.

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