Rethink Everything + Embrace Complexity


Q: How can I ensure I am moving towards being a 21st Century Teacher?

Q: What do I need to do differently and how does that look on paper?


21st Century teaching is: 
more than a class blog
more than social media
more than using google, youtube, blogger
more than new names for things
more than being tech savvy
more than having 1:1 BYOD
more than having a class twitter

 We need to rethink everything...

Some of us are teaching like pirates
Some of us are teaching the International Bacclaureate
Some of us may have the opportunity to teach in a Charter School
Some of us are teaching in Special character schools
Some of us are teaching in Mainstream public schools
Some of us are teaching in Immersion schools
Some of us are teaching in Independant schools

I'M WONDERING IF...regardless of the flavour of school we are teaching in, that we all may need to rethink everything! If this is the case then this is a super exciting place to be and a dynamic opportunity to strengthen connections and forge new relationships!

"... to be brave and creative themselves in putting aside old methodologies and exploring new ways of helping learning."

At present I'm wondering about how to embrace complexity in the classroom.
To move away from linear models of inquiry/Project Based Learning to irregular models of Inquiry. Where the learning is deep learning, where the connection and relationships created are explicit. Where a landscape is created so knowledge building can occur. 
I'm not sure these things can occur in a linear model of Inquiry.
I dont think I"m there yet. Would appreciate help!

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