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                                               Thank you to Ally Bull for reminding me about Sugata Mitra's work

                          “Education is a self-organizing system, where learning is an emergent phenomenon.”

" environment that stimulates curiosity 

can cause learning through self-instruction 

and peer-shared knowledge."

Sugata reminds me that the learning environment must be one which stimulates curiosity, is collaborative and engaging. Tonight, I'm downloading and reading Sugata's SOLE tool kit. on the recommendations for a Self Organised Learning Environment. I think it is possible that this kit may offer a cornerstone for being able to explicitly discuss personalised learning in my classroom.

This week I"m in the process of establishing a new Teaching as inquiry for Maths. The "Teaching as inquiry" is part of our ongoing school wide Math professional development. 

                                                           Teaching as inquiry

My questions are:  
1. How can students learn to apply their number knowledge to real life questions? 
2. How can students work with number strategies as knowledge about not  knowledge of. 'Knowledge about' will deeper understandings and make connections with other strategies so students will be able to be explicit about connections and relationships.

It is my hope that through an application of number knowledge, my students would be nudged towards engaging with "knowledge building" as understood by Bereiter. To have knowledge about number strategies and strategy application, students are able to work with complexity and identify multiple ways to generate solutions and multiple ways to contribute to the building of knowledge.


Bereiter, C. (2002) Believes that if education

 is to participate in the knowledge age then,

our conceptions of "knowledge and mind 

need to change."

Sugata's wish... 
For a school in the cloud. 
Sugata believes we need - a Curriculum of Big Questions.

                             MY CONTRIBUTION...
To engage in a Math 'Teaching as inquiry' that is based on big real life questions, where number knowledge and multiple strategies are valued and applied to the big questions.

                         TWO MORE QUESTIONS...

1.How does the 'Teaching as Inquiry' cycle support the  multiple understandings of the thinking that informs what teaching and learning could look like in the 21st Century?  

2. Is it possible teachers are being charged to deliver 21st C pedagogy yet teaching effectiveness is measured through a reflective process that is anchored in the 20th C? 

I would appreciate the opportunity to talk this through with another classroom teacher. Lets move some  bits of thinking around and make explicit what excellent 21st Century teaching practise can look and sound like in our current and future classrooms.
Message me through Twitter or here if you are keen!

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