Create, Change, Collaborate

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                     In 2023, What will you do with the
                       capacities science gives you?
Have a go at playing the Pounamu online game.


Pounamu is an online game where people can join together to imagine a better future for New Zealand—a future where we treasure what we already have; land, people, knowledge and connections and build on this with new tools, capacities and new ways of thinking to generate prosperity for all.
Engage with and experience Momentum, Antagonism, Adaption and Investigation. Have a play!

I'm often being asked what is "knowledge building"? 
(yes this could be an indicator I need to get out more)
I think this youtube clip is a good place to start. A very good place. It positions us all as being part of the solution.

The anchor stones in the clip are; create, change and collaborate.  Imagine a literacy or numeracy program focussed on creating, changing and collaboration.  That would certainly put 'chalk and talk" methods of teaching on pause.

Am I making the steps towards knowledge building sound easy? Dr Suess once said... "Sometimes the questions are complex but the solutions are easy". I say one step at a time. Change one thing and do it with tenacity! Change a bit.. then another bit.. meet up with a colleague and change another bit together... then change another bit. 

The World of Pounamu Asks:

What will you create?

Who will you work with?
What will you invest in?
What problem will you solve?
What will you help to change?
How will you create your future?

If we replace the 'you'... with 'students'  the process of learning may enter into the realms of many rocket launching moments. Many rocket launching moments that build and contribute to a solution, just might nudge into the world of knowledge building.

Am I brave enough to suggest... 
"If literacy and numeracy classes fail to engage and make explicit  creativity, change and collaboration then maybe its not worth doing".

Although it is small it is a treasure

                          Ngai Tahu Pounamu

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