Street Art School + JR Street Artist

Based on an understanding from Ken Robinson that it is desireable for  change to happen from the ground up, I went for a flying 'Google' generated visit to 

There is always hope                                  The only good system is a sound system 

Grown ups are obsolete                                                        Reading

"The boundaries are in our heads, because art knows no boundaries." BINHO  (Brazil)

Messages on the street...

1. I will be part of hope.

2. I know how to make my learning personalised.
3. I know what I need to learn.
4. I can read anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
5. I am allowed to think the unthinkable and I will.

Message on the world...
JR French Street Artist.

"My wish: Use art to turn the world inside out"

JR has shown the world how street art can change peoples lives. JR is working with the unthinkable and has collaborated the largest global street art participation in the world! 

JR invites everyone to participate in the 


How can I work with students to generate a sense of hope for the future?

How can I personalise student learning?

How often am I reflecting and asking students about  what they need to learn?

How could classroom teachers work with 'art to turn education and schooling inside out'?

I'm reminded of Keri Facer's words:
"We need schools that are resources for enabling students and communities to imagine, and to take achieveable steps along the road to the building of, sustainable and equitable futures."  Learning Futures pg 133

I wonder...what would a Keri Facer and JR Street Artist collaboration look like?

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