Knowledge Building Community

 Knowledge off vs Knowledge about. Scardamalia and Bereiter believe that understanding the difference between the two ways of approaching knowledge will determine the success of a knowledge building community.
“...shift from treating students as learners and inquirers to treating them as members of a knowledge building community.” 
Scardamalia and Bereiter

I'm excited.
 I"m reading Keri Facer's book Learning Futures: Education, technology and social change. 
I'm watching TUNA: TRASH or TAONGA? stunning work by 

I am in pause mode. You know that feeling when your onto something...making a connection... when a bit of thinking gains momentum...

                                         Thankyou  Karen Melhuish Spencer  for posting this clip on twitter today

1. That this just might be a nudge towards what a knowledge creating culture could look and sound like.

2. That the students are creating something new.

3. Technology is being used to assist in the building of knowledge.

4. Students are making connections with: Science knowledge, Hawaiki, measurable and unmeasurable knowledge, Te ao Maori, past ancestors, present and future communities.

5. The learning has energy and movement.

6.  Students are exploring "how to live responsibly, ethically and critically" Keri Facer

7. Students are working on restoring Mauri -  life force. Mauri being a quality that moves within and between spaces.

8. To Quote Keri Facer she believes we need:
"...schools that are resources for enabling students and communities to imagine, and to take achieveable steps along the road to the building of , sustainable and equitable futures."  - Learning Futures pg 133

My questions are:

How could further building of knowledge and collaboration occur? What would this look like?

How could the learning go deeper? What further connections / relationships could be made?

How could this project embrace the unthinkable? What might the unthinkable look like?

How would Scardamalia and Bereiter respond to 

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